Refund Claim Form

If you bought an ANYTIME, OFF-PEAK, SUPER OFF-PEAK or SEASON TICKET from us, we can provide refunds on these tickets if for any reason you didn't, or are now unable to, travel. A £10 fee applies to all claims.

Refunds on Season Tickets are calculated from the date the ticket is surrendered to us.

ADVANCE tickets are usually non-refundable. In some cases they can be exchanged for travel on the same route but at a different time and/or date; or refunded in the cases of illness or medical reasons. You can also apply for refund if your train is delayed or cancelled and you are unable to complete your journey as planned.

Special arrangements for ADVANCE tickets during Covid-19

If you bought an ADVANCE ticket for travel to/from a location with a High or Very High Covid alert status in England OR after National Lockdown 5th Nov to 2nd Dec (or the equivalent in Wales & Scotland), before the alert status was announced, you can change your ticket for an alternative date/train and the normal admin fee will be waived. Please select “Change of Journey – new journey booked” as the reason for your refund claim when you complete this form and provide us with the details of your new booking.

If you are now unable to travel, but due to any uncertainty around the local measures you are currently unable to book another journey, the normal refund fee will be waived and you will receive vouchers to the value of the original ticket cost. Please select “COVID – Travel Vouchers Required” as the reason for your refund claim.

If you bought your ticket from another retailer, you'll need to get in touch with them directly for advice on changes and refunds.

Information about our current processing times and further guidance about refunds can be found on the GWR website.

Refund details

If you have a ticket(s) which you have NOT yet collected from a station or station ticket machine then please select “NO” from the drop down below. If you have your tickets including an e-ticket or print at home ticket then please select YES.

Please provide the Booking Reference which was given to you when you made your original booking.

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Important information

Whilst it is our intention to facilitate your claim as quickly and as smoothly as possible we must inform you that as a matter of course we conduct anti-fraud checks on ticket refund claims. It is an offence under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 to falsely represent a fact with the intention of receiving a gain for yourself or another. GWR holds the right to protect its revenue from fraudulent activity and will pursue any identified fraudulent refunds claims through the criminal justice system.

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